Compliance within reach

Digitalization and Security

Tools to assist the organization’s transformation and ensure effective security measures.

Since 2002, I-Trust has been working on security, digitization and the transformation of organizations to the secure use of IT.

We provide platforms that target and document security efforts and create discourse and awareness about digital security. Our consultants have experience from both private and public organizations in providing targeted and effective consultancy.

Measuring security and benchmark

Experienced in measuring status of compliance and initiatives related to laws and best practice. We use benchmark data to create a visible, segmented and measurable basis for our users. With one click, you can make a comprehensible report, clearly stating the focus areas. Based on the acknowledged IDEAL model from Carnegie Mellon.

Risk management and GDPR compliance

Well-tested methods that can be applied to every information-related tasks. We provide a comprehensive solution with tools and governance frameworks for your organization’s information and data security, ensuring an optimal platform for information security, cyber security and GDPR governance efforts.

Cyber Security

Get a coherent system for evaluating and managing your organization’s cyber security based on the current security standard, CIS18. It assesses the organization’s protection against threats and makes recommendations for future action.

Organizational learning and digitalization

Do you want to equip your employees and system owners for secure IT behavior, wherever they work? We offer in-depth analyses of organizational IT behavior among managers and employees, focusing on laws and best practices for a healthy and effective security culture.


I-Trust’s approach to IT security and compliance builds on scientific theory – Carnegie Mellon’s IDEAL-model The goal is to incorporate IT security as a part of your organizational culture

IT security

Behavior and systems are evaluated with regard to the organization's ability to follow the common legislation and best practice behavior

Identifying focus areas

The company's focus areas are identified through automated reporting and/or customized analysis

Implementing initiatives

Prioritizing identified gaps in the organization's security behavior, and targeting practical actions

Culture and organizational learning

Incorporation of periodic measurement and effort, as a part of the organization's annual cycle/routine


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