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Compliance within reach

Project enablor is an online compliance solution for advisors, authorities and concerns that helps your organisation to work efficiently with compliance services for clients and companies. Here you get a comprehensive management solution, where your company can plan and execute service and audit events for customers. Project enablor provides full control over customer status and activities, so the right decisions and advice can be made on a solid information basis. Project enablor comes with integration to your CRM system for efficient customer follow-up.

Project enablor is a digitisation of physical inspection that saves you time and resources. With status and evaluation through the SaaS platform, the need for physical presence is significantly reduced. Project enablor is used as, e.g.:

Tool for improvement

The platform is used by stakeholder organisations to offer their members the opportunity to improve digital security through security status, analysis, evaluation and reporting.

Audit platform

Project enablor is e.g. used by, regulatory authorities for supervision of companies and organisations. Including analysis and reporting on the audits carried out.

Platform for consultants

Project enablor is a useful tool for IT consultants to both manage and support enterprise customers in improving digitalization and security.

Certification tool

Project enablor is used to certify the information and IT security of companies – from self-assessment, to follow-up checks/audits and maintenance of the companies’ certification status.

Concrete examples

Project enablor is currently used by organizations and supervisors in Denmark to monitor the security status of public organizations and private companies. Users include the Data Protection Authority, the D-mark and the KL – Local Government Denmark.

Project enablor, the platform used by consulting firms for their security services to clients, because Project enablor provides visibility into companies’ security efforts through self-assessments and on-site audits.

The professional themes are cyber security, ISO 27000 status, GDPR, etc.

With Project enablor you get:

  • an solution for administration of compliance services for customers
  • full control over tasks and customers
  • advisory tools with analyses and reports
  • modern design that supports efficient work-flows
  • integration to CRM systems


The audit and self-assessment part has two different accesses types, one for the managing company performing the inspections and another for the companies responding to inspections through self-assessments on the platform.


Consultants, authorities and groups have access to:

  • Dashboard – with key figures on total responses
  • Company overview – with information on the individual organizations and their responses
  • Audit  – with the possibility to adapt the sending of audits
  • Surveys  – with standard surveys and elaborating text to individual questions, which is sent out in an audit
  • Report Centre – with auto-generated reports that can be customised as needed.


Access to answer surveys is provided through a secure link to an survey page in the platform. This access is user-friendly set up for easy answering of surveys. The survey page consists of:

  • Landing page – the secure link leads directly to this page. Basic information for answering, adapted to the purpose, is displayed here.
  • The survey section – with elaborating help texts, a progression bar and easy tracking of answered questions
  • Summary page – from here an overall assessment of the result is displayed (red-yellow-green) and the answer can be submitted as well as the possibility to draw your own report.


The data collected from the survey section of the platform can be evaluated through the platform by e.g. consultants. Here you can:

  • Analytical tools for assessing companies’ security performance
  • Opportunity to comment on action
  • Individual reports for clients with the possibility of recommendations and guidance

The monitoring module is designed based on many years of experience in managing survey and analysis tools and is based on recognised quality management models.

The monitoring platform is designed to minimise the need for communication between respondent and administrator. It forms a whole, where preparatory and follow-up work takes place in the same system. The Management Centre brings together all the functions of organisation, delivery, follow-up and assessment, with a focus on enterprises.

enablor can be delivered set up according to needs, and can be delivered as a whitelabel solution.

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