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Compliance within reach

About us

Established in 2002

I-Trust was founded in 2002 with a vision to use experience from education and IT security to create and run IT security training courses. Over the years, we have developed as a centre of expertise in IT security and personal data, thanks to a large number of collaborative projects at international level, including at EU level.
Our solutions support organisations that want to have full control and overview of change processes and to secure the documentation. We ensure that the data collected in the organisation is acted upon and followed up. We add value to your collected data by ensuring the necessary anchoring and making progress visible to all levels of the organisation. This way, everyone is aware of the need for strong IT security in the organisation.
We have focused on making the solutions efficient and easy to use, saving time and providing a quick overview of the security situation in the organisation. Data must be usable for benchmarking, as benchmarking is an essential prerequisite for creating impact.
Our solutions make it easy and transparent to work towards compliance with the Personal Data Act. With a few clicks and qualified advice, you have access to an excellent reporting basis, hand in hand with the automation and management of supervision, control and compliance. It should be simple and easy for users to get in-depth analyses of their IT security and behaviour, focusing on the law and best practices for a healthy and effective security culture.

Our mission

Data must work. We only produce systems or data collections with a focus on data expressiveness, relevance and use.

Our values

I-Trust is a knowledge-driven organisation, with some core values, all rooted in knowledge, learning and practice.

Our history

I-Trust is a continuation of Parkegaard and Kristensen Security, which was founded in 2002. Since its foundation, the company has been working on information security and personal data security focusing on compliance tools, training and culture, as well as on benchmarking tools.