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Compliance within reach

KL – Local Government Denmark

Baseline for Danish municipalities’ information and personal data security

The Danish municipalities implemented a digitisation programme in the period 2016 to 2019, where one of the initiatives was information security as a general prerequisite for digitisation and in preparation for the introduction of the EU Personal Data Directive.

I-Trust supported the security programme with a baseline platform, where municipalities indicated the status of information and personal data security on more than 400 parameters. The focus areas were ISO 27001-2, personal data security and cyber security.

The final report was examined and approved by KL’s board of directors in the summer of 2020. The baseline programme was decided to be prolonged and are still running every year. The programme follows the municipalities’ status on cyber security, ISO 27001, personal data security and as a special focus area; the municipalities’ organisation of security work.

KL Baseline has made it possible for all municipalities in the country to measure their status in relation to IT security, and has year by year been able to measure the impact of their efforts. The municipalities have benefited from benchmark data collected over the years, enabling them to compare their own status and efforts with other municipalities.

A number of municipalities have purchased additional I-Trust products such as management reports and the community of Baselinedata .

Cooperation with KL will continue at least until 2024, with a continued focus on the status and efforts of municipalities.