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Compliance within reach

Agency for Digital Govenment

Surveys of the population’s safety culture and competences

In several projects, I-Trust has supported the Danish IT and Telecom Agency, and later the Danish Agency for Digital Government, in analyses of the Danish population’s awareness of and competencies in using IT securely. The analyses have aimed to make an initial measurement of conditions before major national interventions and subsequently assess the impact of the interventions. The collection of data was based on the Risk Culture methodology and made it possible to assess population groups’ knowledge and awareness of threats and security measures, as well as willingness to comply with guidelines.

Logo and design

The Risk Culture methodology was developed by I-Trust in collaboration with psychologists from Danish and German universities and used in country analyses as well as in projects for individual companies.

The analyses resulted in profiles of population groups, including in terms of risk-taking, digital literacy – such as the difference between “digital natives”, typically young people – and the older population groups with a different approach to IT.

Categorisation, which has over the years become an industry-recognised method, was based on the behaviour of the target group:

  • “The careful”
  • “The law-abiding”
  • “The translator”
  • “The self-willed”

The reports from the surveys were used to evaluate and target national impact measures.

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