Is your company compliant?

Every company and organization needs on-going efforts to ensure that all obligations are met – if they are compliant – in order to fulfill requirements from clients, standards, and legislation.

Ideally, every member of the organization should contribute to improving the compliance-level of the company by working efficiently and focused. Plain and simple – in theory.

In practice, however, this often proves an enormous and complex task to perform – in part because of the complexity of the subject area, but also because of attempts to solve the task with enormous spreadsheets, documents with no version control, and countless unwritten rules and routines.

All too often, organizations lack the appropriate tools to efficiently solve the many compliance tasks.

A simple tool for a complex task

Our platform enablor  provides the framework to manage your compliance efforts. It is a simple tool, designed to solve the complex task of managing the various regulations, standards, and obligations your company is required to adhere to, while making sure that you are able to improve and maintain your compliance level.

Reporting to management on goal achievements

The dashboard on enablor provides an immediate overview of your current compliance level, allowing you to easily compare with previous results or benchmarking groups. You are able to follow your organizations processes, track progression, and prepare management reports on selected KPIs.  

Do your prefer training or learning by doing?

If you prefer, you can choose to focus on the particular areas you want to begin with and initiate the efforts you need, in the order that best matches your organization’s situation. You can assign tasks to facilitators from the enablor environment. The owner of each task, the facilitator, is given limited access to the specific area of the platform necessary to carry out the task.

With enablor, the choice is yours.

Regulations and standards

As a management tool, enablor allows you to evaluate your compliance efforts in relation to the regulations and standards that apply to your organization.

Many organizations have to comply with the same regulations and industry standards, many of which are already available on enablor.

At the moment, enablor has facilities to support:

If you are in the process of implementing other standards, you can either configure enablor yourself or work with us to customize enablor to fit the requirements of your organization.

With enablor, you have the flexibility to customize your efforts.

Status assessment at your own pace

On enablor, you can perform your status assessments at your own pace, depending on your current focus. The status assessment can be completed in stages.

Perhaps your compliance efforts have not yet covered a particular area, making a status assessment in that area time-consuming and vague at best. Instead, you can focus on documenting your planned efforts. This documentation is important, as it allows your organization to demonstrate your improvement processes and your efforts to comply with regulations and standards.

By using enablor, you can manage your security efforts, identify focus areas, and focus your efforts on improvement processes in a way that involves key personnel in the organization.

enablor guides you safely through each step

In a series of tried-and-true steps, you work your way through your processes in order to become compliant. This is done by:

  • Describing processes and resources in the organization – and showing how data is used in the processes
  • Identifying gaps compared to regulations and standards thorugh a series of thoroughly tested controls and questions.
  • Prioritize the effort to address gaps based on risk assessments and practical experience from other organizations.
  • Document your information security level in a Statement of Applicability-document for audits, owners, and board of directors.
  • Initiate improvement efforts based on the identified gaps and other requirements.
  • Monitor and manage your information security in an annual cycle of work with regular controls and follow-ups.

Status assessment and compliance status

We have integrated the most common regulations and standards with enablor . They are ready for use when you begin measuring your compliance level and perform status assessments.

Evaluating your compliance level and status is supported by gap-analyses that cover: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ISO 27001 ISO 9000 Best practice-frameworks

Automatic adjustments to match current legislation

We make sure that enablor is up to date with current legislation and standards so you can maintain an accurate picture of your compliance level – and make adjustments as needed.

Seamlessly coordinate your efforts to work with multiple regulations and standards

On enablor, you can integrate your initiatives across standards and regulations. The gap-analyses are assembled from a series of questions, combined to establish an accurate assessment of the organization’s compliance level in various areas. The questions and answers are automatically mapped across the various assessments available on enablor. For instance, all your efforts to evaluate and improve your compliance with GDPR are automatically transferred if you decide to include the ISO27001-standard in your security efforts – and vice versa. Your efforts remain organized and manageable. Apply filters to focus on ISO27001 or GDPR.

At the end of the day, you reduce the time your organization spends on status assessments, and ensure consistency in your assessments.

Additional standards

If you are in the process of implementing other standards, you can either configure enablor yourself or work with us to customize enablor to fit the requirements of your organization.