I-Trust has years of experience in preparing, implementing and anchoring business continuity in Denmark and internationally.

We offer a range of solutions for business continuity and can help you with:

  • Support for parts of or the entire creation phase
  • Reviews of status
  • Test of readiness

Business continuity plan


The success of a business continuity projects anchors in the top management and core processes in the company. I-Trust has good experience of “capturing” management’s attention in the positive way.


Companies and organizations are constantly changing – internationalization, new digital platforms and, perhaps more importantly, in digital services and external relations.

I-Trust has extensive experience in organizing strategies that suit the individual company’s development.


The business continuity requirements come from the business areas and from external obligations.

I-Trust is experienced in the development of processes that lead to data and resource priorities based on agreements with the company.

Design og execution

Incident management, escalation plans, disaster management, alternative capabilities …

Based on our good experiences, we can help design all parts of the preparedness – also in a way that makes it easy to use.

With NanoLearning we have an effective tool for implementing training courses.

Test Plan

Any contingency plan has elements that become outdated the moment it is launched. Therefore, the contingency plan is also obsolete if there is no test and compliance plan.

Therefore, I-Trust also helps in developing strategies, test plans, and emergency preparedness tests.