Awareness means, that the organization is responsible for ensuring that regulations, standards, and policies are observed.

As a consequence, the organization has to make sure that all employees know the practices and regulations that to them. They need to know exactly what is expected of them if they are to perform their day-to-day tasks in accordance with best best practices and legal obligations.

What you focus on is what you get

Recording the best of intentions and process definitions in an employee manual or presenting them in a colorful PowerPoint presentation at the quarterly meeting is not enough. That makes little difference for the individual employee – and their ability to make a difference.

Instead, you have to raise awareness of the importance of complying with regulations and standards in the organization, integrating them in the practices, routines, and culture in the organization.

Among us, we at I-Trust have more than a hundred years of hands-on experience with awareness initiatives both nationally and internationally, as well as managing projects in single organizations, national campaigns, and research for the EU.

Awareness needs to translate into practice

Awareness is something that has to be present everywhere in the company culture. But it is much more than a mindset and a handful of declarations of intent. Awareness initiatives needs to be realized as a tangible aspect of operations. It should be incorporated as a natural element of work processes for all employees, departments, and job functions.

Each individual employee in your organization should experience and understand exactly how and when they are responsible as an important link in the chain to keep threats to security and compliance in the organization at bay.

Consultancy and tools for all levels of the organization

We offer tools and guidance to help ensure the necessary awareness level on all organizational levels. You get professional support and experience to embed the initiatives in the organization in order to succeed in your task.

Our tools complement each other in working towards a common goal: raising awareness and ensuring compliance. The tools augment each other and work together efficiently with culture measurements, improvement analyses, and eLearning programs that provide measurable results.

The tools can also be used separately for different groups of recipients. Depending on where you decide to focus your effort.

Vi kan blandt andet tilbyde

enablor – compliance platform

enablor – Our platform, combining tools for working systematically and goal-oriented with compliance efforts.

KAC – Culture analysis

KAC – Culture analysis: Employee surveys to measure company culture and generate noticeable and useful results on all levels of the organization.


Employee training for all parts of the organization. Focused and application-oriented. Efficient lessons that provide sustainable results right here, right now.