We offer IT tools which can help establish awareness programs that through information, communication and training contribute to changing organizations’ behavior

Every company and organization needs on-going efforts to ensure that all obligations are met – if they are compliant – in order to fulfill requirements from clients, standards, and legislation.

Ideally, every member of the organization should contribute to improving the compliance-level of the company by working efficiently and focused.

Plain and simple – in theory. In practice, however, the task can prove to be complicated and overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

At I-Trust, we are specialists when it comes to assessing information securitiy, compliance, and awareness

Our tools enablor and analysor are available on our own survey-platform, where we have revolutionized survey participation.

Answering the survey is dynamic and simple. Navigating the domains in the survey is intuitive and easy. The respondent always has immediate access to previous data for comparison. Upon completing the survey, the user gains immediate access to results, analyses, and benchmarking from their dashboard. This improves data quality and user satisfaction

Gennemgang af analyse data
  • We provide access to our platform, enablor, to guide your governance efforts, helping you manage your improvement and meet the goals become compliant.
  • We help you make sure your organization maintains the appropriate governance structure throughout the organization. We supporting your efforts to document, analyze, manage, and improve your governance efforts..
  • We also offer consultancy and tools to help you reach all employees, in order to ensure the awareness level required to succeed in your task.

Through qualified consultancy and the proper tools for the job, we help you get started, move forward, and reach your goal.