The enablor platform is the foundation for I-Trust’s compliance services and development programs for security culture. enablor is developed by I-Trust and is not available elsewhere. enablor is unique because it provides the opportunity to assemble all your work with IT security, compliance and awareness in the same place.

The enablor platform gives our users an intuitive interface that’s user-friendly, easy to navigate and contains constant access to your own data.

enablor’s compliance program makes it possible to uncover gaps according to legal requirements and help comply with industry requirements. Through benchmark, community and knowledge sharing, our customers can work with best practice initiatives.

On the enablor platform, tools are available that make the security work manageable and will engage the organization in maintaining the focus on security.

enabler’s compliance tools are compiled according to customer needs, so you only pay as you scale.


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Effective implementation with enablor

enablor’s implementation model targets the organisation’s work with industry requirements and are regulated by law.

  • Document the organisation’s status and areas of improvement.
  • Work risk-based and use best practice to target efforts.  
  • Gather change processes in a tool and control the safety for an annual cycle.

Strengthen your organisation’s efforts by exploiting opportunities for collaboration with other organizations and establish knowledge sharing.

enablor’s process model allows you to control your security, identify action areas and targeted work with improvement processes in a way that involves the key figures in your organization.

enablor proces model
enablor indentify gaps status assessment gap analysis
Identify Gaps

Choose framework requirements and best practice recommendations to measure the organisation’s efforts and identify the areas in which least effort has been done.

Status Assessment

Status assessment is done flexibly according to the required assessment areas.

Overview development compared to latest status measurement and register comments on the current level.


Choose framework requirements and best practice recommendations to analyse.

Compare current level with previous ones or with benchmark groups


Balanced Score Card (BSC)

Constant and easy access to BSC, showing the organization’s results, which will give top management insight into the performance of the organisation.

enablor prioritize effort risk assessment best practice
Prioritize efforts

Identify primary efforts after the Gap-analysis using a risk-based approach and take advantage of experience from best practice.

Risk Assessment

Identify where personal data is processed, then classify data and criticality.

Map the most important business processes, describe critical dependency on other processes and IT resources and estimate the importance of the business processes.

Create an overall risk assessment based on criticality and an assessment of protection and threats.

Best Practice

Compare your effort with peers, learn from best practice and implement effective solutions.

Statement of Applicability (SOA)

The assessment of current level and priorities of efforts collects in a SOA document, with statements concerning status, inclusions or exclusions and goals.

enablor adjust and implement
Adjust and implement

Use enablor to plan, delegate and manage efforts in an easy and involving way.

Determine changes

Determine which areas need change, map with business processes ad IT resources and delegate tasks to those responsible in the organisation.

Change process

Overview launched tasks at a glance, follow up and update status on tasks and on the identified gaps.

Mangement process status update status management
Management proces

Manage areas that need periodic follow-ups and status updates.

Staus update

Plan which areas need formal controls and document the results.

Status Management

Use enablor’s annual work cycle to plan and follow up on periodical controls. Select efforts according to framework requirements and best practice recommendation.

enablor collaboration delegation knowledge sharing documentation

Supporting functionality

enablor is based on the philosophy that wherever knowledge sharing and collaboration is possible, it is the best basis for creating effective improvement processes.


Use enablor to collaborate with other companies and in group structures: e.g. during joint projects, shared IT platforms or shared data protection officer (DPO).


Give system owners, project managers, etc. access to enablor’s “Light User” portal.

Knowledge sharing

Share knowledge and document with chat and library functionality within the organisation and in communities.


Document all completed processes, assessments and status updates so that auditors and supervisors have a simple, unified access to all the efforts done in the organisation.