analysor is a tool for analyzing where there is a need to engage in changes in a business. analysor is based on the same principles as enablor. Achieve better and more involved employee inquires and surveys by giving knowledge and information directly back to the individual participant.

analysor is a solid foundation in every improvement project when one wants to make changes in IT, in security compliance and awareness or in any other area.

KAC (knowledge, acceptance, compliance) is an analysor program that measures the organization’s security culture and provides valuable information to management about action points and impact.

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enablor KFE besvarelse

analysor answering

Answering is made easy and straightforward with the left-hand navigation tree, and in order to ensure high quality of the data collected, you can gain access to previous answers with a single click.

enablor kfe skærmbillede

Result – Participant

Most have answered surveys before, but how often do you see the result? All participants in analysor studies have access to a dashboard with their own results, giving them the ability to compare with previous results and make comparisons with other participants.

enablor analysor dashboard

Result – the company

Project owners have their own portal where they can follow the development of the answers and an analytical module, where they can analyze the development of all studies, make drill down in data, use different filters, etc.