Our tools for compliance

We offer a range of tools and services, including consultancy and platforms to support your compliance efforts. Your solution can be customized in order to efficiently raise awareness and compliance on all levels of the organization. The tools can be used separately, depending on your current and planned initiatives.

  • On our platform enablor, you’ll find a comprehensive compliance toolbox, developed specifically to measure, analyze, and improve compliance and awareness efforts. By managing focus areas, status, and compliance efforts across the entire company or organization, you can keep an eye on the big picture, even when your focus is on a specific department or function.
  • KAC Culture Analysis (for employee surveys for analyzing organizational culture). With KAC you gain crucial information to support change processes as well as analyses and documentation to verify the effect of your initiatives. By using Culture Analysis, your efforts to improve awareness can be measured, supporting a streamlined and highly focused effort to create results that are demonstrable and valuable on all levels of the organization.
  • Employee training is key to ensuring compliance. Ensuring that everyone in your organization is familiar with the guidelines and proper practice for processes that apply to them. With NanoLearning, you can raise awareness and communicate key skills to your employees without disrupting work processes. The short and informative NanoLearning lessons can be taken flexibly when time allows.