Governance is good management and efficient cooperation

The keyword to successful governance is good management and efficient cooperation between employees across all levels of organization – from management to delivery organization and individual departments, as well as on a group level.

The board of directors or top management must be able to follow the implementation of framework requirements within the organization, as well as all measures taken in order to make sure the organization meets all requirements. Day to day management is responsible for adopting the appropriate and recommended processes – and to ensure follow-through, IT management know the relationship between IT processes and security measures. They are responsible for the organization’s IT governance. That includes the implementation and management of the appropriate controls.

All areas and all levels of the organization have different responsibilities in making sure that the company is compliant.

Governance is your management system

We help you make sure your organization maintains the appropriate structure throughout the levels of the organization. We also help you to document, analyze, manage, and improve your governance.

We offer qualified consultancy and a platform designed specifically for the task. We help you get started, move forward, and reach your goal.

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