enablor is the I-Trust tool for work with compliance, including with the General Data Protection Regulations (EU GDPR). enablor is a well-proven tool from more than 400 organizations that gives each individual company a range of modules, that are both simple and effective. External advisors and external DPOs can service their customers through the cloud-based system.

The system is built around a “toolbox”, from where you can access all the desired options. The figure shows an overview of the system’s many elements.


webinar præsentation enablor ISOBRO

Modules for working with General Data Protection Regulations

enablor can be purchased in modules according to the organization’s requirements:

  • Assessment of compliance with the individual requirements of the regulation (Personal Data Form)
  • Identification of personal data processing
  • Assessment of consequences if there is a breach
  • Analysis of GAPs
  • Analysis of how others handle the same requirements in the business intelligence module
  • Documentation of status and initiated changes in statement to authorities and senior management
  • Planning and following up on changes
  • Scheduling and monitoring of regular checks
  • Identification of personal data in systems and business processes
  • Assessment of consequences in case of breach

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You can choose to go directly to our product page or download our whitepaper for more in-depth information about the system.