EU GDPR – EU’s Personal Data Reform – focuses on how organizations organize and process personal data. The new personal data regulation which will enter into force on May 25th 2018, tightens the rules regarding the processing of personal data. I-Trust has been working on personal data processing since 2008 and has since 2016 when the text of the regulation became known, supported organizations with tools and management information.

I-Trust offers services that help organizations to organize, implement, document and subsequently manage personal data processing in effective steps:


The 5 steps are supported by proven tools ensuring that management is informed about the project, that the organization gets the thorough-analyzed use of personal data in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Reform and identifies the processing of personal data that takes place. Thus, the organization has a good basis for being able to analyze and evaluate where changes have to be made.

Management system for personal data processing in accordance with EU GDPR

The primary system is enablor, that simply put helps by:

  • Information for management
  • Assessment of compliance with the basic requirements of the Personal Data Regulation
  • Identification of personal data processing
  • Assessment of consequences if there is a breach
  • Analysis of gaps

Read more about how enablor supports  implementation here.

enablor is designed so small organization can overcome the process in simple steps and very large groups can put together applications so that the simple results units and system owners are involved in the overall project.


is based on some simple core values ​​such as:

  • sharing knowledge
  • working in communities
  • taking advantage of experience from those who have come a long way.

EU GDPR Working I-Trust


A very important part of the work of the regulation is training the organization so that they know the requirements and can distinguish the critical data from others.

I-Trust works with NanoLearning as a platform for eLearning and can offer targeted courses for

  • Personal data (including EU GDPR)
  • Management tasks
  • General awareness

Read more about how NanoLearning supports EU GDPR here.


I-Trust offers courses that support the organization’s work with EU GDPR and with information security. Read more.